NomadBasic Women's Long Sleeve Ruffled Lounge Cardigan

$65.00 USD
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For those who like to go with the flow.
You’ve made it through the week and are basking in the morning sunshine beaming through your bedroom window. Catching that little bit of extra shut eye has you ready to take on the day. You get out of bed and grab your lounge worthy cardigan and make your way to the kitchen, coffee is needed.
You dance around the kitchen floor, coffee cup in hand, like a vision. The longline cut and open front transform this classic piece into a billowy gown that makes you feel radiant and comfortable all at the same time. Puff sleeves step up the style, offering a look that easily takes you from Saturday morning relaxation to an alfresco lunch with friends.
You never wake up knowing exactly where the day will take you, but you’re certainly dressed for the occasion.
- Open front for maximum comfort and style
- Pleated back creates dimension
- Puff-Sleeves offer a unique look for both around the house and out on the town
72% Modal, 24% Polyester, 4% Spandex
Our model is 177cm. Wearing size S.
Our inspiration

Nomad is where we start, Nomads are simple, proud and self-resilient people who have no permanent home. They have the ability to pack their essential items and carefully chose versatile clothes which were comfortable and easy to carry. From this concept of versatile and essential clothing grew NOMADBASiC.

Our approach

Quality over quantity

When NOMADBASIC design, we think about: durability, quality, attention to detail and timeless style which really impacts and makes a difference to our everyday lives. We design products for living in, for any situation and for basic needs. But, what does this all mean? For us, this means versatile clothing which can be worn all year round, for any occasion featuring simple colours, elegant shapes and silhouettes. Think, quality over quantity and not fast fashion, timeless clothing is becoming an intimate part of everybody’s life and we cannot emphasise enough how much thought and detail goes into every design at NOMADBASiC.


Sustainability and ethics

We conscientiously source from company’s who supply only the best quality yarns, fabrics and materials. These carefully selected fabrics are produced with the highest standard of craftsmanship to enhance life span, tactility and durability. When shipping out our orders, sustainability is core using the latest eco-friendly colouration technology to reduce water, energy and dye within the process. We then work on shipping direct to the consumer which reduces time and costs which in turn; deflates the products price tags.


Buying less and choosing well takes great consideration from both our community and from ourselves. Our goal is far from basic, but it is simple. To make these choices easier for you.


Join us on our journey of inspiring confidence for all through timeless style.

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Please remember that our shipping time should only be used as a reference, and the delivery time shall prevail. Although we will minimize potential delays, NOMADBASIC is not responsible for customs clearance delays or payment approval failures.

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