Hearing the word nomad conjures up many different images: Journeys under the stars. People travelling across high plateaus or through lush valleys. Proud and self-reliant peoples. Songs and stories celebrating the natural world and great journeys of the past.

Whether they rode horses and camels or travelled in small boats and canoes, nomadic peoples all shared one characteristic. They had to carefully pick and choose the things they carried with them. Only those that really made a difference to their lives, that made them easier and more comfortable, were worth carrying.

It was this ability to pare back things to the essentials that inspired us to start NOMADBASIC. And gave us the inspiration for our name. To produce simple good quality clothes that really make a difference to our everyday lives. Clothes created to bring a little extra utility and pleasure to every day. Things that we’ll always want to wear or have by our side, that we can rely on to help us feel comfortable and at ease.

When we design, we’re always thinking, what will make this essential? For us, that means designs that can be dressed up or down. Simple but elegant shapes and silhouettes. Solid neutral colours that can be worn together or separately.

We source direct from the companies supplying the best yarns, the same companies who supply some famous and much more expensive brands. Carefully choosing simple quality materials – linen, cotton, wool, cashmere and silk - with the tactility and durability that will make our clothes satisfying to own and wear, from one year to the next.

We take the same approach to production and delivery. Paring it back to the essentials. We only work with factories that produce to the highest standards of craftsmanship. And, thanks to our simple colour palette, and the latest eco-friendly colouration technology, water, energy and dye use are all reduced.

Finally, we sell and ship direct, cutting out the wholesaler, distributors and other middlemen that inflate the prices of so many brands. Bringing you simple high-quality clothes at a fair price that you can enjoy for many years to come.